Back in May I took my very first “primitive” camping trip with some friends. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of using the bathroom in the woods, I honestly had the best time.

Max Patch is absolutely beautiful. Being a bald mountain, the 360 view that you can see from the top is stunning at any time of the day. In the 1800s the mountain was used as a pasture for sheep and cattle.

Present day, Max Patch is a nice spot for an easy hike, picnic, or camping with the family.

Three takeaways that I learned from my trip to Max Patch that I thought I would share with you:

1. Take a suv or a truck if you have one

The roads to get to Max Patch are all gravel and dirt. If you drive a sedan, you may want to consider borrowing a friends truck or suv to get there instead. The roads are not very tiny car friendly- ESPECIALLY after it rains. I drive a small Scion and my little car HATED the drive up.

2. Beware the weather

The weather on Max Patch can change as quick as a wink. If you decide to camp on the bald, be prepared for any type of weather. I’d definitely recommend looking up the forecast before you go as a precaution. (also because there isn’t much reception on the mountain)

3. Leave no trace

No matter if you go for a quick day hike, or decide to camp for a weekend on the bald, Leave. No. Trace. The amount of trash I had seen that was left on the mountain was shameful. Make sure to double check that you take everything you brought back with you-and if you see trash on your way back, do your part and pick it up!

Please don’t contribute to wrecking this beautiful place!

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