Navigating a Wedding in the Midst of COVID-19

Wow, the last three months have been INSANE.

If you’re here reading this, first let me say- I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have dreamed about this day since you were young only to have it be completely changed due to COVID-19.

I know that the world is looking a little dim for a wedding, but I promise, there can be good that comes out of the situation. (Just hear me out)

The next few suggestions may not be everything you have envisioned for your special day, but here are a few creative ideas to get you two hitched! 

Three alternative options to your original plan:

  • Intimate Wedding & Reception Later On

So you’re dead set on the date and will marry your honey- come rain or shine!

Cut that ceremony invite list down to size, and maybe have your bro/sis set up a tripod to go live on instagram or facebook. (This is a great way for people to still be involved and witness your sweet ceremony and precious wedding vows.) 

Another neat option that I think could safely work is to still have your small ceremony, and do a drive by cake cutting. This is a way for your guests to see you and wish you congratulations on your special day, and to let them know you care with cake (honesty the best way to show someone you care imo).

Alternatively, if you choose to do a 1 year anniversary reception, you could do a vow renewal and reception.

This might not what you originally planned, but is a great option to get you and ya boo thang married! Having a reception later on can be a great way to celebrate and PARTY with your friends and extended family.

  • Elope

This is such a sweet special option. Each couple, each elopement- they’re all unique! Every elopement looks different for each couple.

There’s several different ways to elope. It can just be you + ya boo + your officiant + & your baller photographer. OR you can have all those listed before + your bridal party + immediate fam. This is all about celebrating you, and there is no wrong way to plan an elopement.

This is beneficial because you get to keep your same wedding date!

If you’re thinking about location, think simple. It can be a beautiful park, the top of a parking garage, in the great outdoors on a hiking trail, or can be in your own backyard!

After your ceremony, go have dinner at your favorite restaurant or order take out and celebrate with everyone eating at home.

  • Postpone Your Wedding Date

It’s okay to wait. Don’t let society pressure you to find alternative plans and go through with it. After all, this day should be everything you want it to be, and if waiting a year will get you your dream wedding day, then there is no harm in postponing the date.

If you do postpone your wedding, a lot of vendors are choosing to waive any rescheduling fees, so make sure to email your vendors ASAP. You want to make sure that they are free for the rescheduled date, so be sure to reach out soon because a lot of vendors are starting to book for 2021 already.

Most vendors WANT to work with you, so keep communicating with all those who are involved e.g. photographer, videographer, hair and makeup, florist, dj, and venue! Really, any changes you make to your plans, you should be keeping your vendors in the loop.

I hope this helps you! Take heart, and don’t lose hope. Overall, this is about getting you and your love married-no matter what that may look like.

Whether I am your wedding photographer or not, my goal is to be here to answer all the questions that I can, and to be a resource for YOU. So please, feel free to email me with any questions that you have!

Even if you’re curious, send me a message.

I hope this message finds you happy and healthy! Don’t forget to wash those hands and don’t touch your face!

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