My name is Mattea (pronounced Matty). Fun fact- my name is the feminine form of Matthew in Irish. Being the middle child of two brothers, I've always been one to keep up with the boys. I'm an eight on the enneagram, which explains why I'm driven and empowered. I honestly Love being my own boss! That being said, Jesus is King in my life, and everyday I want to shine more for Him and less for me.

I eat ice cream when I'm in a good mood, bad mood, and every mood... so basically all the time. Things that bring me joy are golden retriever puppies and dancing & laughing in the kitchen with friends.

My absolute favorite thing to do is hiking the great outdoors & travel!! FOR REALS TAKE ME ALL THE PLACES. I'm Always, Always, Always down for a road trip or a weekend away.. if you're the same, Let's be friends!!

let's go on an adventure!!

I Know I am not the photographer for everyone! And that's totally okay! I'm not for formal, posed, only indoor weddings. I work best in natural light and THRIVE when you Trust me with my crazy prompts (no matter how ridiculous).
I am for the untamed, wild, adventurous, bright, joyous spirits. If this isn't you, NO HARD FEELINS FAM.
Like I said, I'm not everyone's style, and that is totally good with me. 
I mean, if you're interested in becoming bffs, I want you to know me, my heart, and what you're getting in to! 

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One more thing before you go..

What's up fam?!


an absolutely perfect experience...

I've shot with Mattea three times now and every time has been an absolutely perfect experience. She always makes me feel so comfortable and confident, and she's great at suggesting poses and angles and making sure everything looks amazing while also feeling natural. I laugh so much whenever I shoot with her, and I have always LOVED the outcome in the photos. If you're looking for gorgeous colors, natural smiles, and lots of light and love to come through in your photos, Mattea is the photographer for you!!
-Anne Cheri G.