If you’ve been thinking about eloping in Alaska, then here are a few things you need to consider.

Alaska is like no other place on earth. When I tell you it’s WILD there, I mean it. The terrain and wildlife is like no other. Being an adventure-lover’s playground, if you’re looking for a place to elope this may be the place you’re looking for. Scenery ranges from beaches to mountains to tundra plains.

I’ve found the best times to elope are during the summer and fall. If you’re trying to get those touch of yellows then September through mid October is the perfect time. Late October is when the snow that sticks around until spring happens, so be aware if you’re planning a winter wedding.

Elopement at Lake Eklutna

Here’s a checklist of things to think about when planning to elope in this beautiful state.

#1 Location & Season. Consider the season you’re getting married in and what the weather typically looks like the time of year that you plan on getting married.

#2 Marriage License and Permits. Make sure you look into this before you even book your flights. You don’t want to be last minute on getting a permit or license.

Alaskan marriage laws require you to both be 18 years of age or older and have at least two witnesses present. There is a 3 day hold period for licenses so keep that in mind when you travel to the state. (this means that you must wait at least three full business days after the application is submitted before you can pick up the license and the marriage ceremony can be performed.) Licenses cost $60 and are valid for 3 months.

#3 Travel & Lodging. Keep in mind that only certain airlines fly to Alaska and most all of them through to Anchorage.

#4 Book your vendors! Some essential vendors you’ll need for your special day are photographer, videographer, and florist. Other Vendors that you could splurge on are a private chef and a pilot for a private helicopter tour.

#5 PARTY. Celebrate with your closest pals or wind-down with your lover in a cozy cabin with a glass of merlot or bourbon.

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