1. Summer Hill says:

    This is great Mattea!! Maybe do a blog on different locations that are ideal for photo shoots? I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Keely W. says:

    Mattea, you are so talented! I’m glad your first post was how you got started! Your parents were pretty smart to nudge you into it. Can’t wait to work with you more!

  3. Morgan Wright says:

    We’re still enjoying the baby pictures that you took of Autumn 7! years ago. ❤️ So glad you’ve continued to pursue this love and develop your MANY skills associated with it. Praying for the Lords blessings on your business. 😊

    • Mattea Swegles says:

      Thank you, Morgan!! I love those photos so much! You’re family has grown a lot over the years and I’m so glad I get to see it.

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