Young love is a captivating phenomenon that envelops the hearts of blossoming souls. It is an intoxicating blend of innocence, vulnerability, and boundless optimism, brimming with the intensity of first-time experiences.

Elise and Riley are the embodiment of young love. Their story is a symphony of stolen glances, flushed cheeks, and trembling hands that weaves a tapestry of shared memories and lifelong promises.

It all started when Riley played on Elise’s brother’s football team. Riley was the first to catch Elise’s eye. After an accidental first move by Elise, Riley made a not-so-accidental move to ask her out. They have been together 2 years this fall, and next June their dreams will intertwine as they embark on the exquisite adventure called marriage.

Riley and Elise choose to have their engagement pictures taken on family land on top of Keel Mountain. While on a missions trip in Africa a month prior, Elise tore multiple tendons in her foot while playing soccer with the locals. And because Riley is away full-time for training in NYC, they both pushed through their session with laughs in their bellies and smiles on their faces. Elise was a total trooper… you can’t even tell her foot is broken! Not only was the sunset incredible, the vibes with these two were immaculate. I cannot wait for their wedding next summer!

In the realm of young love, the world is painted with vibrant hues for Elise Butler and Riley Worshek.

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